Sunday, January 8, 2012

changes of plans. road trip living

Plans changed again... I bought a plane ticket from Boston to Austin for the 10th.. but now im sitting on a bus heading to new york city for an entirely new adventure. I'm not going to be getting on my plane. And i wont be back in new england for a month or more. For some reason it was 60°out yesterday. so i spent the entire last day riding bikes with my friends.



we rode all over connecticut during the day and then pedaled around providence at night. ended up singing karaoke with some friends later in the night. it was a nice last night in town. everyone was having a good time.

a mad man.

thanks everyone for the great last night in town. im excited to have a long open road in front of me again. i guess we will see what the next few weeks brings.

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  1. hell yea dude happy trails stay happy