Sunday, January 15, 2012

The weirdest trip i have ever been on...

 7 dudes, ALF,  and a hitchhiker started with a short  drive in The Vandal from Richmond VA. to Fayetteville NC. Forgot to go to the bathroom and buy food at the gas station, but i bought 3 sets of fake teeth.

This trip is the perfect crew of dudes. Chunk said Wormz was his favorite dude to travel with. I get it. Evan is always a treat to travel with.  Down for an adventure. And everyone likes getting weird. 

Bancroft rules. He did a rail on kennys bike while we were sitting around in a park. 

Evan did a tail slide down a triple kink.

<------Wormz Tailslide.

Ken about to get weird.

The kid moon walked out to that median hes standing on to let everyone know about our lord and savior  Jesus Christ. i cut his legs off in the pic... but he could be jumping in the air.  action shot.

It started getting Sexyweird when the sun went down...

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