Monday, January 16, 2012

When the sun goes down

Just in time to stop at south of the border. I walked over to the fireworks store across the street while everyone was in the gas station. I walked in and Evan walked by with his arms already full. The first thing he says is " They sell Morters in south carolina".

Got to Charleston early. Got a crappy motel room. Went to a bar with Bill Mims and things got really weird..Wormz and i were lighting off firecrackers in the back of the bar. Wormz was trying to orchestrate a firecracker symphany with 7 strangers. One was a doctor. He broke up a pack of firecrackers and handed each person one. The first one he lit blew up in a girls hand instantly. Some guy rounded the corner as i was lighting mine.               I got kicked out of the bar for lighting off firecrackers. they tossed me out the back door and when i walked back around to the front of the bar, Wormz was already waiting for me and then a limo pulled up. Wormz opens the door ,asks if we can get in, gets the approval, and we are in a super stretch SUV..I wish i could say full of babes... but there was only one babe in there and she was a cute red head. but she was allll the way on the other side of the limo so.and the only one not wearing makeup.  i was stuck on the other end with the crazy spanish girls.

Wormz was eating a chicken wing. finished it and dropped it in a cup of champagne. The birthday girl was so drunk, she grabbed the chicken bone cup and toasted all her friends with it and drank it.
3 facts about the Birthday girl.

Fact 1

She looked like the monster from the labyrinth. guess which one.

Fact 2.

She was wearing a skirt that was way too short to be dancing like that. and too drunk to realize the problem....

Fact 3.

It was the wrong time of the month to be dancing like that in front of people.

We drove around in that thing for a few hours. Then it pulled up in a Hardees parking lot and everyone got out and left. wormz and i rode back in the limo with the driver talking to him about him driving around tommy lee. he was hammered. Not a bad night.

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  1. That shit is to FUNNY!!! Xoxo- Mel and Monkey