Sunday, May 15, 2011

airin out of this planet

after i posted that thing about that guy airin roso a while back i got this comment the other day

Anonymous said...
I used to do shows with him after his national tours. The guy was sponsored by Hoffman bikes and other major related retailers. The guy was and is a professional. He is a very well rounded rider with balls bigger than most these days.

Sorry for being forward , but the guy is actually nuts.
Rock on and Ride on Aaron

i was half thinking  "hmmm, could this acctually just be airin himself talking in the 3rd person?" so i decided to do a little investigating for my own satisfaction.

 this article was also sent in the comments   "amazing article"

in the article there was a few things that stood out to me as a little far fetched

#1.) the headline says "Skateboarders prefer wood and metal instead of concrete shapes"

im guessing that is the reason the few wooden skateparks that were outdoors in the northeast have long since rotted away and been replaced with cement parks?

#2.) the first words in the article are  "OXFORD —  Airin Roso, 32, of Southbridge, says he made his fortune and retired last year as a professional BMX bike rider, after 20 years and 26 broken bones on the national circuit. Now he is giving back. "

mind you this article is from 2008, so all of you guys that have been riding since before 2008 should know who this freshly retired rich professional bmx'er is right? or maybe hes the only pro bmx rider that made a fortune and retired off bmx without anyone knowing who he is?

i asked around and turns out his "fortune" and "retirement" was no more than him being able to collect disability from his job. fortunately for him, the people at the newspaper didnt know.

#3.)   "Selectmen in Oxford had planned to build a skateboard park in the center of town with a huge cement bowl as the centerpiece, until they learned Tuesday that boarders prefer a far less expensive set of wooden and sheet metal forms. Sean M. Divoll, acting director of the Department of Public Works, last month presented selectmen with a plan for a park that would cost about $200,000. On Tuesday, he presented selectmen with a scaled-down, $131,114 plan, which still included a drop-in, 70-by-30-foot bowl feature for boarders and two full-sized basketball courts. The entire cost would be funded by the Cecilia J. Smolenski-Millette Charitable Trust and the “DPW uncommitted account.” "That was before the board heard from Mr. Roso."

im sure all the skateboarders and bmxers thanked airin for this, without his imput they might have been stuck with a shitty $131,000 concrete park.

#4.)  "He said yesterday that his friend, professional skateboarding star Tony Hawk, “has a skate park in his backyard that is 10 times what Oxford could ever need. He didn’t spend $100,000 on that.” 

everyone knows how tight airin and tony are. you know from the touring days together.

#5.)  "Mr. Roso is building his own private skate park on his three-acre farm in Southbridge and does not plan to spend that much. "  

sorry but airin rents from an old friends dad. and the skatepark turned out to be a quarter pipe, and i think he might have been kicked out of there by now.

#6.)  “Most riders make six figures a year. I did all right, retiring at 32. I have friends who made their first million before they were 20, with the X Games and Extreme Games becoming so popular,” he said. "

you have to be kidding me right??

now im not trying to put the guy on blast. he has done amazing things for communities building some skateparks and he did tour the country doing bmx shows and was sponsored by hoffman in the early 90's. and at the time when the hot trick was the 360. he could do it. but someone needed to speak up a little bit. read the article you wont be disappointed... article


  1. worst journalism Ive ever seen. does that guy have a tear drop tattoo? hahahah

  2. Anonymous .aka scared to name urself. Its airin here and i admit that article wus nutty. Most of it wus stuf takn outa context. Lucky for u i hv a sm recorder and im sure the actual interview exists still. Like wen i said tony hawk has a bakyard skatepark and its noted online it cost about 100 grand to make. I also said i hv friends that hv built cement parks by buying there own bags of concrete mix and it cost nowere near wut tonys cost. So journalist decided to take. The words tony. Skatpark. Friend.100 grand and write his own version. Same w farm part. Im sure u tell ppl c my car but the bank reqally owns it. Ppl even say there apartments but the landlord really owns it. That is my home. And i hv more than a quarter pipe and if i wus nice enuf to let u come to my home y r u bein a shady chicken shit. Im sure ive been bmxin since before u existed so try payn respect to those who rode before u. And yes i know who u r. And funny ud make comments about a 360 like i suk wen i cud skool u anyday and u kno tgat but i ride for fun now so feel free to come hc fun. If u think i suk heres a short list of kids who used to learn frm me. Lino gonzales. Jon demers. Keith gratton. Etc. All friends frm tge past. Anyway wuts ur deal. Does my life bothr u that much. My ears r burning. Try just ridn to ride and never mind me. Im old and washed up. Just ask ur mom.

  3. i wouldnt have expected the mom comment from an old retired christian gentleman like yourself.