Tuesday, May 17, 2011


i guess the talk about eating your own placenta grossed alot of people out. if you havent heard, here is a quick re-cap

Vic and cara just had a baby. she didnt have a chin but now she does. her name is Sophia.

when you have a baby, after you give birth to the baby, you have to give birth to a placenta.  this is vic and caras beautiful new placenta.

unfortunately, she didnt just sit down and eat it with a fork and a knife like i might have led everyone on to believe. instead they de-hydrated it so it looked like bacon strips

and then put the dried out placenta chunks in a magic bullet.

they ground it up into a powder and made delicious placenta pills. i can see all you pill heads mouths watering over these babies. it aint the adderall you pop like candy but atleast you dont have to crush these up to snort them. just crack a capsule open and you will be high as a kite on placenta powder.

this is what cara had to say about her placenta.

"i think of it as a beautiful thing. I went through a lot to grow that! Eating it has really helped me get over the anemia I developed after childbirth"

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