Thursday, May 26, 2011

nomadic living

this summer has been crazy. from austin to connecticut for a few weeks where i did some electrical work,stacked some logs, and dialed some stuff at a machine shop.

left and went to providence to work at my friends bike shop for 3 weeks. its weird to be living in a log cabin in the middle of the woods going canoeing all the time then the next day working at a bike shop and living in a busy city. change is always good. i was never one for routine.

after the 3 weeks in providence i headed to plymouth massachusetts to work on boats at my friends marina. and that is where i am now. plymouth was where christopher columbus hit land when he got to the u.s.  again its completely different here than it was at the other 2 places i stayed. 
my friends ryan and shauna are letting me stay in their house with them for a week or 2. its a brand new house with a garage full of a bunch of fun shit for me to enjoy. they have been feeding me like a king. lobster for lunch and stuffed clams and salmon for dinner? ILL TAKE IT!

this is a picture of ryan working while his dog bailey watches.

ryan and bailey on the sherpa. 5 seconds after i took this picture ryan lost control of the bike and hit a boat trailer and bailey fell off. 

its nice here. its not what im used to. after living in a bus for so long i feel a little uncomfortable and out of place in nice houses, but life is about experiences and its all good if you ask me. the future has some great things in store. the term "the things you own end up owning you" wasnt thought up for no reason.
go out and have an adventure. maybe pack a back pack and grab your skateboard and start hitch hiking like these guys. 

check out the videos page. new jackson allen video that is incredible


  1. Didn't the pilgrams land at plymouth, I dont think Christopher columbus ever got to North America.

  2. All this time I thought Columbus landed there. What a disappointment

  3. Love that video. Gonna be me someday. If I don't get caught up in the rat race.