Tuesday, May 24, 2011

life updates

the rapture happened. i have been fighting zombies for the last week. jesus came down and judged me and sent me to hell because i was nice to people but i didnt believe in him.  the good news is that no one was sent to heaven because no one is perfect enough. and hell is acctually where we all live now. in a world where people kill each other in disagreement of whos god is the real god.


rapture preperation at circuit bmx

the bomb shelter...

in celebration of god not being real. i took the train out to boston to hang out with some friends i havent seen in a while. webster jake and lino are awesome dudes. i love everything that 90 east is doing and its awesome to count those guys among my good old friends.

stoked on this picture of jake. i was hoping it would come out like this and it acctually turned out how i wanted it. 

i heard the term "no homo" used multiple times through out the night. which always weirds me out because i think of it as someone thinking they have to reassure the people around them that they arent attracted to them. like "hey im gonna compliment you but its not because i wanna bang you". 

thanks because i was thinking you telling me i looked good doing that bar spin was you hitting on me. 

this is lino gonzales

had an awesome time with old friends. cant wait to do it again..ALL HOMO.

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