Tuesday, May 31, 2011

road biking

i love riding my road bike. not for fitness and not to try and be a good road bike rider. just the enjoyment of smooth cruising with the thin tires under me,maybe for like 5 or 10 miles. being able to get into a high gear up hills and a low gear down hills. its so much fun. i haven't been able to ride my road bike much since i have been up north but hopefully that will change soon. a few weeks ago i did a ride with a bunch of people when i was visiting the town i used to live in. i didnt have any other clothes so i had to go in jeans, but everyone had on their spandex suits. i always felt like if you take something too seriously, it takes the fun out of it. i know some people find it fun to be serious, but my personal opinion is to not over do it. when you start dressing like this to ride a bicycle....it might be time to re-evaluate.

this is awesome. never taken too seriously.

im just trying to get here. to do a little snorkeling.

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  1. My comment didn't post the first time. Anyway, what country is that last picture from? Looks amazing!