Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lawrence Ragoo! (part 5)

Mt. Washington was our half way mark. its the highest peak in the range and after that we were hoping the rest would be a walk in the park.  The trail got harder at the bottom of Washington. Alot more rocks and we slowed down the pace just a bit.

being on the peak felt awesome. such a nice accomplishment. the perfect weather and i made some coffee.

hiking from providence rhode island to the highest peak in the north east...stoked!

after washington we had our work cut out for us.. we had about 7 hours left of day light and 9 hours of hiking left before we would get below the tree line to camp. 3 more peaks. this is what we were up against . heading to the far peak. and then from there we still had 3-4 hours down to the road.

we followed the tracks for the cog railway for a little bit.. i wish we could have walked on them all the way to the bottom, but 100 feet was a nice treat.

the valley that was to the right of us the whole time, was awesome. we saw one person the whole time on the north side of washington.

Mt. Clay was the first peak. it was small and we were motivated, so it was a breeze.

from there we went to mt jefferson. most of the peaks have a trail that goes around them but we made sure to crest the tops of all of them.

Jefferson! the energy was dwindling .

Jackson to Adams . this is a picture of clint with Mt washington in the back ground. still a ways to go and we didnt realize what was up ahead of us.

From Jefferson to Adams was the worst stretch of the entire hike. i dont think i will ever put myself through that again

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