Tuesday, June 7, 2011

IN THE ZONE! (the right frame of mind)

the last few days have been perfect.the best weather the earth can offer, adventures with friends, and the right frame of mind.

brett took me to a swim spot the other day. the bike ride to it was beautiful and as we were looking across this beautiful lake from the top of this hill, he said "see those rocks on the other side?" "we are gonna go jump off them"

 there was no sweeter words for my ears to hear at that moment. this is the absolute perfect way to wind down an already amazing day. i was already content with the session we had at the trails so swimming was icing on the cake. the switch had flipped into "the right frame of mind"

after the bike ride to the trail and the hiking through the woods for a few minutes, it seemed like i was seeing everything for the first time. a different frame of mind will make you see things differently. i was in such a good excited mood that i found myself  staring at a running stream for what seemed like minutes. i have seen a million streams. why was this one so different?
  because i was in the right frame of mind, this spot was a 10. it makes me think about how there are people out there that have never had that "right frame of mind" im talking about.
      they look at sunlight shining through the trees silhouetting their friend carrying his bike up the rocks and are thinking "are we there yet". and completely missing it!!! i feel bad for them. because one taste of that mind set and your never looking back.

everything feels different when your  "in the zone". the run up to the edge, the rush once you jump, the wind on your face as your falling, the fall, the cold water on every inch of your skin once you go under ..... it all feels new and exhilarating.
   you just want to jump over and over again. chasing that first high. and in the right frame of mind, it works.

try yelling in the air as your falling. or maybe throw out the can opener? its all good in the zone!

on the way out i took this picture.
    i have come to terms with the fact that a picture is never as good as the real thing. and reading about it and looking at the pictures on the internet isn't even in the same playing field. but at-least pictures and reading about it will remind me of when i was there. and maybe that will put me back "in the zone". And maybe you could find a way to just be in the zone 24 hours a day. everyday. where everything makes your jaw drop just a tiny bit.

     i think if anyone ever asks me my plans for the future my answer from now on will be
"To be in the zone"

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  1. Yo, I'm so happy for u! I know exactly that feeling, and how nice it is. Rip it up!