Friday, June 24, 2011

Lawrence Ragoo! (part one)

our plan was pretty loose. My friend Craig called me one day and said " Hey, I have ten days off from school starting monday. i want to come up and visit and do some bad ass shit". so thats what he did.
  we talked about it one night and the presidential range came up. its 10 mountains in the white mountains that the appalachian trail goes over. it takes about 2 days to hike and is around 25 miles. we decided to go for it and as an added bonus we joked about hitch hiking up there and back home.
  craig flew in on sunday night, so after being in ithaca all weekend i came home sunday night and went straight to the airport to get him. we woke up and started getting ready for the trip. carrying back packs with tents,sleeping bags, food, and clothes, we made a sign that said "white mountains" and hit the closest on ramp. the route was pretty cut and dry. rt 95n to 495n to 93n into the white mountains

neither of us had really hitch hiked before. but we had the necessities. half way decent smiles and a sign.

we got picked up out of down town providence in 20 minutes. the girls name was dylan and she had tattoos on her face and a half shaved half dread locked hair do. she had a "far-side" book on the passenger seat that i fell in love with. if you dont know what the far side is, its a book full of a bunch of shitty cartoon jokes. for example this one i took a picture of. thats about "saloon scenes on other planets". it just has a bunch of one eyed aliens and one is saying "what are you looking at".. its genius!! i knew this trip was gonna be awesome.

dylan was heading to 495 south so she brought us there and dropped us off at the on ramp for 495 north. alot of people didnt even know where the white mountains were so craig made a quick mod to the sign that said "93 north".

after about 25 minutes a car pulled up with 2 girls in it.they held up a bong and said "you guys wanna get in?" "sure!" we hopped in and they just started driving.. we didnt have a clue where they were going and all we knew is that it wasnt the direction we were trying to go. after 5 minutes i finally said "where are you guys driving?" and they said"i dont know. where do you guys wanna go?" so we told them 495 north and they hit the road! they told us they were both 18 but im guessing 17 at best.

after about 25 minutes i started noticing the girl driving looked really nervous. i satred thinking "uh oh this girl looks like shes never drove on the highway before" i told them an exit to get off and in a flash they were pulling away and we were in the middle of a busy highway intersection. where we would sit for hours and hours with no ride. craig was starting to get upset. saying stuff like "im starting to think im not gonna get to the mountains". i dont blame him because he just spent all that money to fly up here and was all psyched for a normal hike in the mountains and here we are, its getting dark, and we are in the middle of no where.

we decided we were still too far away from the white mountains so we made a sign that just said "NORTH"


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