Sunday, June 12, 2011

Karaoke (anti-bummer summer reason #1)

    i have friends that i never talk to. After trying to get ahold them 20 times to hang out and every time they dont answer, or i get a lame ass excuse on why they cant do anything, or maybe they just sound miserable, im over it. you can only do so much before you have to let it go. if i call people and they arent enjoyable to talk to or be around, im not going to bother. im trying to have the anti bummer summer. im having a good time every day and if you want to join me, awesome. but twisting someones arm to get them to have fun is a waste of time. we all have had friends like that im sure.

 i have been surrounding myself with positive, motivating, happy people since i have been back in the north east. after spending the last 6 months living in austin, where that was the only type of people i was around, i have made sure to keep it going up here. this summer has been dubbed the "summer of fun". when the summer is over it will continue to "winter of fun" and then back to summer  etc.. etc.. eventually leading up to the "life of fun". i posted 5 ways i have been making this the anti bummer summer and i am going to post 5 more reasons over the next 5 days.

reason number 1.)  singing alot of karaoke.

i keep a list of songs in my wallet at all times. just incase i happened to end up somewhere that there is karaoke and i have to pick a good tune to sing depending on the mood.  the guy standing in front of me in this picture was "creepy jeff". i dont know if that was his name... but thats what we called him. below are a few more pictures i was able to snag of jeff doing his thing during a fun night on the town.