Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lawrence Ragoo! (part 7)

the adventure begins...

   we finally make it to the road after 2 days of hiking. i could have kissed that scorching hot black top. we ran for the other side of the road and threw the thumbs out. in 5 minutes we have a ride..the license plate says "RAGOO"

Its a guy in his late 20's. he said he was heading to concord nh and we told him we just needed to get around to the south side of the mountain to grab our truck. he told us he knew a little short cut that cut off about 15 minutes. it was a dirt road. Seemed kinda weird but there wasnt much we could do . he starts telling us how he takes that road to work everyday and its so fun to drive on . he acctually said "My back end likes to get out a little on this road but dont worry about it". Craig and i look at each other and make sure we had our seatbelts good and tight. its funny because when we finally did get in the gnarly car wreck...no one lost their cool at all. We all knew, from the first turn, that we were going to be crashing into the woods at some point along this dirt road. after he totaled his piece of shit car into the woods, he said "my parole officer is gonna be pissed". i started rushing to get outta the car and get away from the guy. heres the full video from the crash. it has some footage of before we crashed and then some stuff after.

he told us he was from Lawrence Mass. The best part about the crash was no one got hurt. if there was a car coming around one of those corners he flew around..it would have been a mess. i think he was on crack or something. AND, we still had to keep hitch hiking to get back to the truck.

someone scooped us up and let us ride in their truck. a nice relaxing 20 minutes after our first 20 minutes off the mountain.

clint gave craig and i a ride to the train. we were going to hitch home but after our morning we decided the train was a better option.

what a change in scenery

the trip was a success. best memories 

"where you invest your love, you invest your life"

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