Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sleeping in a hammock (anti-bummer summer reason #3)

if i go back and look at old posts on my site, i notice i go through phases with the things that i post. for months i will post stories and photographs of trips that i am on or places i went. or i will get on a kick about my hatred for religion and piss people off for a few weeks. or maybe i wont have anything to say so i just keep it simple and boring. right now all i can think about is having a good time. maybe take an hour out of your day to throw a frisbee or  dip some french fries into a wendys chocolate frosty? or you could try reason number 3 listed below ( but be careful!!! it might not be part of your "routine" or get you out of your "comfort zone"..dun dun dunnnnn)

Reason number 3.) sleeping outside in a hammock.

the time that you spend sleeping is still part of the anti-bummer summer. so there is no reason why you shouldn't have fun doing it. everyone loves laying in a hammock. if you dont you are probably a nazi. and waking up to a cool breeze while your swinging in the wind? i wouldnt want it any other way! so if your trying to have a good day, you might as well start it off right.maybe roll up your hammock, get on your bike, and hit the local coffee shop. because hammocks,bike rides, and coffee are the anti-christ bummer.

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