Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In Michigan hanging out with the family.My grand parents live here and my mom was coming to see them so i was able to fly in and hang out for the week. stoked on the view of cities from planes.

 Trying to keep the anti- bummer summer flowing. Nothing says fun like an amusement park. 

i dont get to see my mom very much, so i was stoked to rip a scary old wooden roller coaster with her. i took this picture of her and i at the top of the up hill.

i took this picture going over the up hill.

and then i took this one of my mom going down one of the hills

they had a kick ass water park too. everyone that knows me knows that im not one to spend money to have fun. i can find plenty of fun for free and it doesent take much to keep me entertained, but i havent been to an amusement/water park in years and it was awesome to be with my family. 


  1. yes RV! you have been there im guessing? place was a blast! You live in michigan? lets ride some bikes or do some skateboarding!!