Monday, June 20, 2011

what a weekend!! ithaca part 1

went out to ithaca new york this weekend with emerson and brett for a fund raiser for a friend in need. lots of people showed up to show their support.people got weird, money was raised . badda bing badda boom.

Brett had never been on a bmx trip before. he was all excited that we were going to be camping he went out to buy a tent. the jam was on saturday so our plan was to go up friday night, camp out at my friend kellys trails and wake up early and work on them. He doesent have alot of time to get out there so we figured if we worked on them on saturday morning , then went to the fund raiser, we could camp out back at the trails saturday night and ride them on sunday.

the toucans.

the drive up to ny was perfect weather. brett was ready to set up his tent as soon as we got to the trails. i set my tent up while brett set his up and when i looked to see his tent, it was massive. brett bought a nice 6 person job to sleep in by himself... emerson thought it was so funny, that he decided to put his tent inside of bretts tent. brett still had enough room for 4 people in there.

the next morning i we woke up early and started doing some dialing on the jumps. after an hour or two they were looking pretty good.

the skatepark was awesome. brett rode a shit load. did some tricks he never did before. he was stoked. he was like a 13 year old out there. just riding non stop all day in a hot skatepark. unfortunately i think he rode too much because he had no energy left to ride the next morning. on the right is a picture of brett pulling his first 360 over a jump. emerson and i were talking about the feeling of pulling your first 360... you never forget it.
while brett was riding inside...there was a sick show on the outside.. i saw a guy front flip off a launch ramp over a guy funneling a beer through a horn and another guy in a cookie monster costume.

other guys sending it on a huge long jump contest. perfect long jump form from paul rad-ooh-sovich

and stew "the shoe" johnson winning a raffle for a size 66 vans shoe...i wanted that thing so bad

after the jam we went back to a swimming hole kelly took us to earlier in the day. place was gorgeous.

part 2 tomorrow

also i saw my friend posted this on the face and i dont usually post web videos but i know people are into bmx internet gossip and although i didnt get to see the video that this is making fun of? these guys share the same sense of humor that i have and i thought it was awesome. especially the guy doing the robot at the end. ties it in nicely. stop being so mean!

Cunt Walkthrough from Brodie Gwilliam on Vimeo.

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