Wednesday, June 1, 2011

urban camping

headed out of plymouth yesterday afternoon.

jumped on a train back to boston to meet back up with lino, jake and my old buddy lee hopkins to do a little street riding all night.

when we met up to ride street i was shocked at how many people were there.. 5 90east dudes, sean burns and 5 dudes, chris long! and his big crew. it was over whelming and we ended up hanging out at the same spot for hours and then the crowd dispersed and we did some riding  in the streets. it was awesome

the weather was so perfect i had to sleep outside. tried out a little urban camping in the heart of the city. and what a success it was!! theres a few tricks to the urban camp out.

1.) find a small patch of woods preferably in a nice part of town
2.) try and sleep off the ground so you dont have rats crawling all over you all night.
3.) lock up the bike and keep your bag in a safe place

i found the perfect spot! right on the water. i was able to hang my hammock in the trees and put my bag right above me in the tree. the "ENO" hammock is perfect for sleeping off the ground

i woke up to this view. stoked.

it shocks me that there are people out there that have never slept outside. it is literally my favorite place to sleep. i would rather sleep outside in a hammock than in a house in a bed..

your cost of living is going up while your chance of living is going down 

bruins game tonight. damn today is a good day 

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