Thursday, June 9, 2011


i went into a resturaunt the other night and there was 2 guys (well in their 20's)  sitting on seats waiting for their food and when i was walking out they made sure to say "faggot". i could do without being called names unless its from my friends, but i do get a kick out of people acting like that. and if there is someone feeling the need to call a stranger names and i have to be that stranger. i will take it any day because my friends and i will get a nice chuckle about it later (as im sure they would too). so its kind of a win win?

went and cruised dayville skatepark the other morning with my friends nick and coleman. nick had never been there so the skatepark/pizza pizzaz combo was a no brainer.

coleman with a the t tops off

classic holeshot table 

fast plant fakie

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