Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Start a band ( anti-bummer summer reason #5)

you dont need to know how to play instruments to start a band. it might even be better if you dont because then you have no expectations and even the smallest things like plucking a bass string in rhythm gets you stoked to keep going.

Reason #5.) Start a band.

 emerson, brett, and i started a band.  brett never played the drums before and emerson said he could barely play the bass. sounded like a recipe for excellence if you ask me.

the best part about starting a band with these 2 guys is that we are stoked on sucking. when you start at the bottom at square 1 the only way to go is up. we didnt want to complicate anything with microphones and expensive instruments so brett is playing 2 metal trash cans and i use a megaphone to sing. we know we suck and we still are having a blast. we are just finishing up our first song called "anti-bummer summer".  its about swimming.

the name of the band is "The Toucans". named after the two cans brett uses as drums. who is going to tell you that you have to know how to play instruments to be in a band? fuck that! from the looks of this picture, emerson is in a band...and hes stoked about it

the toucans!.......megaphone beak!

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