Friday, June 10, 2011

ruining peoples lives

   i preach the simple life. broke and free. That you can be happy without money and stability. but I'm not naive to the fact that living that way is flimsy and not for everyone. some people find happiness in a big screen or expensive car. and as long as people are happy, thats really all that matters. 
    i always get emails from people, telling me they enjoy the site (i also get emails from people telling me how much the site sucks). i got an email today from a guy who sent me this quote 

"My friend there's happiness in living somewhere between broke and being free."

also it said "I've been living my life in dreams, till i started to read your blog. It inspired me to make my own reality, 
not just live the robot reality. I've got fired from many jobs because of my thinking/mentality about life.
But each one has just made me realise how much the majority of people are in the trance."

 i appreciate emails like this, but at the same time i feel bad when someone thanks me for getting them fired from a bunch of jobs. fuck it, your welcome. theres plenty of food in the dumpsters behind dunkin donuts for all of us. instead of working lets just eat some donuts and go to a rope swing? get into a swimming trance! thanks steve i hope you are always successful at being happy and broke, because your happiness will always be more important than your bank statements.

here are 5 ways i have been having fun in the last week


watching my friend brett get attacked by his pet duck

going on bike rides with jake

going to a swimming spot on said bike ride with mr honesto

and hanging out with bubba

or if your not interested in this you can always put on a suit and tie and fill the gas tank in your brand new car. just dont forget which side of the car to dump your money into.

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