Thursday, June 16, 2011

the presidential range

this is the presidential range. its a mountain range in the white mountains of new hampshire, made up of 8 different mountains. i have always wanted to hike it but for some reason never thought to just go and do it.

last year 3 friends and myself hiked up mt washington, which is the highest peak in the white mountains. we went up half way, camped out, and did the rest the following day. after that, i told myself i would go back and do the presidential range. i got busy and never made it. this was a picture i shot last time around half way up. the peak just to the right of billys head is mt washington.

i am fortunate that vic has been letting me work a few hours a week at circuit to help me get some money to eventually fix the broken down bus. so when my friend craig got ahold of me on monday and said "hey i have 10 days off and i wanna come up and hike the p- range", i was able to say "Hell yeah man, i will be at the airport when you get in and we will start the following morning".
so thats what we are going to do.


anti bummer summer?

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