Saturday, July 2, 2011

the bicycle

I love bikes. i dont care what it is. give me a little girls 12 inch bike with streamers on the handlebars and training wheels and im going to enjoy riding it. maybe try leaning into some corners on a hill with the training wheels?

 Years ago there were these trails in billerica mass. called the Prison trails. they used to have a jam every year and a shit load of people would come out for it. One year my friend Alan had a friend come up from pennsylvania to hang out and ride the trails. he rode a 24" bike, not a 20" bmx bike. As soon as he went to take a run, the locals started yelling to him that he couldnt ride there. They said that the 24" wheels messed up the jumps. Alan and Burger kept saying  "come on guys, we are all just trying to have a good time and ride bikes".  the locals were so caught up in being "anti" big bikes that they would not let him ride. I am shocked that people can be so closed minded about any type of bike.
      I always here people saying bad things about fixed gear bikes. making fun of them or the people that ride them. granted i dont see the point in someone getting a fixed gear bike and then getting a bunch of shitty tattoos and growing a curly mustache  or a girl who can barely ride a bike and hops on a fixed gear because she wants to wear a tiny hat and roll her skinny jeans up to below her knees and carry around a messenger bag. but the bike itself is pretty awesome. i dont know where there is a velodrome, and a free wheel and a brake makes a little more sense, but its all good. Go out and enjoy a ride on a bike. whatever it is. maybe get a tandem and cruise with a friend. or pop a wheelie on a double stack.

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  1. Couldn't agree more! Bikes are bikes and bikes are fun, I've been too hurt to ride Bmx for a few weeks but I am having a blast riding other bikes