Friday, July 15, 2011

bike riding

i have some friends that live in boston. they are always riding out there. i went out to visit them a few times and rode around the city late at night. i have always rode trails and my bike setup isnt exactly the best for the stuff those guys ride. A profile imperial sprocket doesent hold up very well when you smash it on a wall, and tall wide bars feel great in the woods but mediocre at best when trying to re-learn how to do a grind on a tiny ledge.

It sounds stupid when i tell people i have a bike to ride street and a bike to ride trails. And Lino likes to  joke and say one is for "buisness" and one is for "pleasure".  the way i see it.. im not going to enjoy riding the trails on a bike with tiny handlebars, no brakes, and 4 pegs. and i enjoy riding street with that set up. so why not do both. i just wanna ride my bike with my friends, and i happen to have friends that ride different stuff.

stop talking about stuff and start enjoying stuff

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