Tuesday, July 26, 2011


you have to be an idiot to litter.  what do you think happens to your trash when you throw it on the ground? and the best part is, when people throw their trash on the ground, there is usually a trash can somewhere close to them. i have no respect for people that do that.

it reminds me of this time i was at my friends house and he came outside and his dog had got into his trash. there was trash everywhere. he spent a bunch of time picking all the trash up out of his yard and putting it back in the trash can and then he jumped in his car, pulled out of his driveway, drove 50 feet up the road, rolled down his window, and threw a shit ton of trash out of his car and into the woods.

the skatepark in town was shut down a month ago, for a week, because the kids trashed the place.  i see the same kids there everytime i go and if they didnt have that place they would be so upset. but after they re-opened the park and the kids were told to keep it clean or it was going to be shut down again, they still find it hard to throw their trash in one of the 5 trash cans that are there. who would want to hang out around piles of old garbage on the ground? if trash doesent bother you...go live in a dump and you can throw your fast food wrappers anywhere you want.

 it upsets me when i come to the realization that people really are just stupid. 

people that litter are just more proof that god isnt real and we evolved from monkeys...some people just didnt evolve fast enough... like those frogs with their tadpole tails.


  1. Or maybe they were too fast and rushed along the process to get ahead in the great rat race that is society, and forgot to learn the important things in life. Or maybe it due to the fact that babies are having babies?

    dunno all you can do is laugh there are bigger things to worry about if people are that stupid about trash or other fairly simple tasks that are for the better of everyone , they have the power to make blind decisions based on what the media tells them without education themselves

  2. People forget that they are civilized, they think they are no different from Animals and litter all around.

  3. miss ya henny get nomadic out this way and since you wont have a girl with you your stay can be extended to see the great land