Sunday, July 3, 2011


Cereal is the best!! its the best snack. i would rather chow down some french toast in the morning but if im trying to have a snack before i go to bed...give me some cocoa dino bites or some peanut butter cap'n crunch.

i always hear people bitching about the sound of people eating cereal. i guess the sound of people chewing it bugs people. im the noisiest cereal eater ever. i moan and breath heavy, chew the shit out of it. i love the stuff!  and i dont see whats so annoying about it. if someone is chowing on some fruity pebbles, im just stoked because i know they are eating a delicious treat. fuck it! chew with your mouth open, talk to me while your eating it. every bite you can say " man this is the best bite ever *crunch* *crunch**crunch* no wait.. this is the best bite ever..perfect milk to cereal ratio" 

im just trying to have a good time... cereal is a good time. bright colors, cute cartoons on the boxes, awesome games on the back of the box. stop being so damn negative and trying to find something bad to bitch about cereal. i hate to burst your bubbles, but cereal is perfect and its a catch 22 because cereal is best when enjoyed with someone else. and you cant wear ear plugs because then it just makes the sound of yourself chewing, even louder.

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  1. YES! FROOT LOOPS. MILK ON YOUR CHIN! YOUR BLOGS THE BEST...EVERYTHING YOU SAY (other than hating christians lol)I AGREE WITH. nuff said. bye have a good day!