Thursday, July 14, 2011


They smell nice, look nice, they are soft to touch, and whats better than sleeping in a nice girls bed?

being a woman seems like too much work though.

1.) hand bags - i couldnt imagine having to carry around a purse or bag everywhere i went. i would forget it everywhere and be so sick of carrying it after 5 minutes.

2.) pregnancy - no way. 9 months of lugging around a baby inside of my body seems like a huge in-convenience

3.) Birth - it still shocks me that this is even possible.  im not trying to intentionally put myself through pain.

4.) Shaving - I hate shaving, thats why i always look like a bum. but i would be upset if i touched a girls leg and it felt like mine. seems like alot of work to shave your legs all the time though

5.) Periods - eww

6.) Make up - i dont like girls that wear make up. and i especially hate waiting for a girl to "get ready" for 30 minutes. what a pain in the ass.

its kind of a catch 22 though.  purses are awesome because if im with a girl and have something i dont wanna carry... hopefully she will let me toss it in her bag. and although shaving takes too long, its worth it when its done. make up can make an ugly girl look good and periods go away in the shower.

thank you women

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