Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MySpace was the shit.  so much better than facebook.

lets go over just a few simple facts..

1.) you could play music.
2.)you could pimp out your profile with awesome layouts and pictures.
3.)you didnt have to know every single little thing about everyone.
4.) you could change your little mood face to whatever you were feeling. (although i never used it and thought it was stupid at the time, its awesome now)
5.)Not every single person had a myspace. my grandparents weren't checking their myspaces on their phones every hour.
6.) if i wanted to have an old man picture and a pink profile with my top 5 friends being characters from my favorite video game "mike tysons punch out". i could

So why the heck did people start going crazy over the hot new ,less awesome, version of a myspace? its like having $1000.00 and someone offering you $500.00 instead. I tried my hardest to tough it out in the myspace generation, like that washed up guy still trying to be hip. i refused to join that dumb website that was made "hip" by college students. but, as i watched my friends list getting smaller and smaller,  i knew there was nothing i could do. if i wanted to stay in contact with my friends, i was gonna have to cave in.

but im never going to forget how much better that was.

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  1. Myspace was awesome!!!! I agree with you 100%.