Friday, December 14, 2012

Traveling: A day in Savannah

I love Savannah. Awesome people, beautiful architecture, tons of kooks, good pizza. Every time we go there we have a good time.

We woke up in tent city, but mostly known as Cent Titties. Van, Kitt, Holladay, and I have tents to set up every night, instead of trying to cram 8 people sleeping in the bus. Always nice to wake up to the trees all covered in Spanish Moss. Everything in Savannah looks so different to where I grew up. Which is one of my favorite things about traveling to different places. It keeps me looking further than directly in front of me.
We rounded up some troops and pedaled over to the coffee shop. It's right on the edge of an awesome park, and right next door to a small natural foods co-op store.

Pedaled around Savannah for a while, just enjoying ourselves and soaking up the scenery.

ended up hanging out down by the water for a while. Always a cool scene down there, and saw some people sail in, in a bad ass boat. got me itchin to get back out in the sea..

Saw a Hawk in a tree, devouring a pigeon. There was 3 ladies eating lunch at a table below the tree and pigeon feathers were floating down and getting all over their food and hair. It was hilarious. The hawk was just shredding the guts out of this bird and chomping them down. It's natural for animals to eat other animals.....but we don't wanna be animals. Then people would act like animals.... hahahahaha people.

A fun day spent cruising around an awesome place, with a bunch of awesome people. Thank you Savannah for being Savannah.

Van and Andrew played some music for a bit, and then we hit the road south to Jacksonville, To Kona.

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