Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Traveling: A day in Richmond.

Did the normal Richmond morning routine. Pedaled over to the coffee shop and got a little brew and food with some folks. There was a bad ass dog there named "Dogter Dre". Hung out with him for a little bit.

Then we drove across town to our friend Pat's backyard masterpiece. Drove past a bunch of homeless people sleeping in the park that all the homeless people hang out and do drugs in. They looked surprisingly comfortable on that concrete path.. they could have been dead.
Pat's Paradise.

Then we headed over to the Gentlemans club to catch some blue grooves. Cresson was killing it harder than everyone. It's nice to see a guy in his late 40's just living to enjoy himself. My friend Evan had told me a story about Cresson a while back.. I guess he came into re-cycles looking for a wheel. After he left the shop, Evan was cruising across town on his motorcycle and saw Cresson pedaling full speed at this curb cut. He said he was nervous about how fast he was going at it, and then he just pulled up a manual and bump jumped it full speed. Said it got him real stoked.  Guy is a total APE.


Matt juggling brains.


Then the sun went down and the un-aware wolves came out.. Fear of the Dark.

In the morning we start cruising south....

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