Monday, December 10, 2012

Traveling: Austin To San Antonio.

DSCN2157     I sat in the bus the night before I set out on my trip,  for hours. Strummin' and thinking about the experience I was about to get involved with. Dozens of adventures that would slowly turn into one 3 week long trip. The more interesting, the better. If i'm not learning something from everything, I feel like i'm missing the point.  I wanna leave as an empty chalkboard, and come home filled up. Everything that happened will, in some way make me, me.

It took me a long time to pack up my bag for this trip. I felt like I had no idea what I was about to get into. but had to be able to carry it all on my back.DSCN2159

     Bike, Board, Bike Bag, Camp gear, food and cooking gear, books, a little clothes, and a camera. Ready, set, go. I flew out of San Antonio, so i decided to go down there the night before my plane took off. I pedaled across Austin to jump on a mega bus, 6 miles with a 40 pound bag on my back. The first adventure of the trip. When I got to the bus, the guy checking tickets told me I couldn't put my bike on. He had a funny smile on his face when he told me, like he got some satisfaction from shutting me down. The man with the Authority.
  I went around the corner and took my bike apart and packed it up in my flight bag. I came back and handed him the bag to throw underneath. Confused he asked me what I did with my bike, and i grinned and told him he was about to put it on the bus.  All of a sudden the bag was suspiciously heavy and I was going to have to buy another ticket for some reason. Long story short. The guy looked so deflated when i got on that bus. Miserable that he couldn't get me down. 


The first thing I did, when I got off the bus in San Antonio, was put my bike together and find a Pizza. I devoured that whole thing and enjoyed pedaling around the city for a few hours, checking out what San Antonio had to offer, late on a Sunday night.

San Antonio is Kick Ass. I pedaled around until late and ended up staying with 3 guys from Kansas...

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