Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Loosing My Mind in Puerto Rico (three)

DSCN2329Road Trips on Road Trips. We drove all over that Island. Chauffeur Cheesio.  Hammocks in the Jungle, Waves in Rincon, Cherry Bombs in Ocean Park.
Every corner you turn, You're on a beach somewhere.

And there is probably a pile of Rodondo to take a look at.

We headed to the South West coast in search of the perfect wave. A ten foot monster, only ridden by the biggest of beasts. Ryan Corrigans worst nightmare. A fine specimen indeed.

"The Artist"

Puerto Rico has some nice hills. My friend Evan has been living off the radar out in the middle of the Jungle, up in the hills. He has a breath taking view, and enough jungle fruit to feed an army.
   We made the journey out there for a night. Stayed up late playing sherades, I lived a fantasy with Mother Nature, Holladay got eaten to death by bugs, And the cow jumped over the moon.

Evan in his back yard


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