Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 8 (March 27th)

Slept terribly. Seems to be the same for Evan and Dylan. that stuff yesterday left me all shook up. The wind was howling all night/morning. We needed to keep waiting for the wind to die down. so we got motivated and evan kept sewing the sail while i played him songs on the ukulele.

We stayed anchored until after noon to let the winds die down. made some breakfast and hung out our stuff to dry in the wind.

We got going and cruised from New London, CT. to Newport, RI. Cold day but it was sunny. nice to be back on the water after being in the boat for a long time. We watched another beautiful sunset while we cruised into Newport.

Newport was Newport. It's a big yachting destination in the sailing community. Dylan and I ate delicious Thai food and we all walked around the town. I am excited to sail out of here tomorrow morning and enjoy the Newport coast. Almost got the sailing song finished.

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  1. Pretty interesting to have a pretty full knowledge of the physics of riding BMX (the ground, air, physical capabilies, angles, rotation, speed, etc) and mix that with the physics of sailing (windspeed, current, knots, aeronautical miles, direction of tack, etc). You are getting a more thorough conceptualization of the world than most normal rat-race folks get in their lifetime. Bravo... plus riding waves and watching bows go under is flippin crazy.