Monday, April 2, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 5 (March 24th)

Sailed around New York all night/morning. No one went to sleep. We got boarded by the coast guard for a while. They all had weird shaved heads and gave us shit for not having 2 fire extinguishers and numbers on the boat. I felt like a renegade pirate.

We motored through a section of the channel called "hell's pass". The current was ripping in our favor and we cruised passed Rikers Island prison. Kept motoring right into the Long Island Sound.

Wind was ripping so we cut the engine and hoisted sails. We tacked back and forth across the sound, all day. Sailing is so awesome, we were just ripping on the side of the boat. got heeled over up around 40 degrees a few times. 

Around 5:00 we all finally started getting tired.Dylan started sleeping right through all the cruising so we  steered the course to North Port Long island to get our shit together. With the boat at a 40 degree angle all day, crashing through 3 ft waves, the cabin was in shambles and everything was wet.

We pulled in before sunset and found a dock to poach for the night. All of us are delirious from sailing for 36 hrs straight. We zombie walked to a grocery and re stocked. Dylan and I lost evan, when we got back to the boat he was there...eating a steak.

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