Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 14 (April 2nd)

Got a late start today. We didn't get on the boat until after noon. Dylans sister gave us a ride to the boat and we rowed out and got cruising. The boat is starting to take on a lot of water. Sailing to Maine in a sinking ship.

We sailed all day. The North Atlantic is different than the atlantic ocean in New Jersey. The swells roll in like big rolling hills. Like a giant field of water. We got good wind so we sailed all night. Cool to be heeled over at 40°in the dark. We almost made it to Islesboro but it just got too cold and wet. The boom had ice on it. WE tossed out the anchor 1 mile south of Islesboro, behind "Mark Island". Our final night in the Illusion. There are a lot of islands in Northern Maine. I am exhausted.

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