Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 15 (April 3rd)

The motor wouldn't start this morning. Too cold. I suppose its better that way. We raised sails and made a break for Islesboro. It took us hours to go the last mile. The wind was coming straight at us so we had to tack back and forth forever. We made it. We sailed a boat to the Island of Islesboro.
The wind brought us right to the dock, Where a few of Dylan's friends were waiting with a pizza.

We jumped in a truck and did a tour of the Island. Dylan lives in a small cabin, and it was the perfect place to end this 2 week journey. Spent the rest of the day laying in grass in the sun. We didn't talk much. Nothing to be said. Dylan's friends made us an amazing dinner. I fell asleep warm next to dylan's wood stove.

It's going to take some time for this trip to sink in.
Long Live The Illusion...

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