Friday, April 13, 2012


 The first time I Hitch hiked was in the middle of texas. I got picked up by an eighteen wheeler and the woman in the passenger seat had blood running down her leg that she was wiping up with a dirty teddy bear.  Another time, we got in a bad car accident.

 Tattooed faces, Teenage girls, Grandfathers, Business men..... You never know what you're gonna get.

I got picked up twice on my way home from Maine. The first person was a guy named Don. He hitch hiked to Woodstock in 69'. And told me stories about his sailing trips to Florida. The second one was an older woman. She was on her way home from spending time in Northern Maine to witness the birth of her new Nephew. She was married, with 2 kids. She drove me 40 minutes out of her way to get me on a Bus.

It's good to be back in Providence.


  1. the only experience i got wit hitchn is on the eastern side of pa and for the most part i would say that its a great way to experience "different" ppl i think the being dangerous thought is blown up past normal convention because of movies and tv. thr are still lots of things to learn about the human experience that can only be gained by indifferance that two strangers "share". the small bit of trust that is given to a stranger is lost (wich is given in relation to the times)but not the heart of true explores.....b4 i rant on to far take this small bit of info and literaly run with it you will not regret it

  2. I couldn't have said it better. I have done quite a bit of hitch hiking and try to do it whenever I have an opportunity, for the exact reason that you mentioned. There is a lot to learn from differences between myself and others. Thank you for the comment, Got me stoked.