Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 13 (April 1st)

York Maine. The home stretch. The engine wouldnt start this morning, Dylan tried to heat the block with a blow torch and the motor caught on fire. Got it out and put up the sails. We sailed for a few hours and the day warmed up.
Seeing a lot of lobster boats. the New England coast is incredible. After a few hours we were able to get the engine started. The ocean was an Erie calm all afternoon. a 360° view of nothing but smooth ocean.

The trip has turned into a "get to Maine" mission. It's cold so one man steers while the other is usually in the cabin making food or staying warm. We sailed all day to Portland Maine. We pirated someone's mooring and took the dingy into the beach.
Dylans sister and B/f came and picked us up in an awesome car. We ate pizza and played super nintendo all night. They have a female dog named "Thomas". Danielle and I played some music.

Almost to Islesboro.

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