Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sailing Journal Day 11 (March 30th)

We woke up in our warm beds, cooked a great breakfast and pet Bailey for a bit longer. Then it was back to the boat for a second shot at exiting the Cape Cod Canal. Its getting cold up here.

We threw on our rain gear and tried to leave the Canal. Another rough day. The wind blowing in the wrong directions, the waves big and crashing over whoever was at the helm. Evans rain gear ripped so i let him use mine, those ripped too. We all got soaked and cold but we made it to the Plymouth Harbor.

We sailed past the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock and found a dock to tie to, to wait out the weather. Evan gave us the news that he had to get off the boat. His bike shop is getting too busy for him to be gone another 5 days. Bummer.

As we were sitting on the dock after evan left on his hitchhiking journey back home to Richmond, We looked up and saw the wind changed. Blowing from the south. Dylan and I jumped in the boat and said goodbye.

Watched another sunset on a fridgid cold night. We sailed to Scituate, MA. and grabbed another renegade dock. What an exhausting day.

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