Wednesday, May 1, 2013

RVAAAA Pool Party Plus

Woke up on the farm, went for a nice hike around the property, said our farewells to new friends and headed back towards civilization. We drove to Richmond,VA and arrived just before sunset. Was awesome to roll into town and see the overwhelming amount of great friends that i hadn't seen in a little bit. Gann and ALF.DSCN2952

Relaxed all night and woke up on the morning of a kick ass pool party.
Tons of people were there. everyone was doing their thing. some people just hung out and drank beer, some people skated, some rode bikes, some just hung out, some brought their kids, some played air guitar with fake arms...
I rode my bike and skated the entire time. every time I tried to take a break I just got too stoked watching my friends riding.
I didn't take any pictures of anyone riding all day. That always happens.  Fortunately, the artist cheezio del torro snapped some photos that can be seen HERE. And Lindsay has an album up too, with a bad ass picture of matty doing a single handed table.. HERE.
Carlos emailed me a few pictures, heres one of me riding it
photo (9)

Thanks everyone for everything. It was a really perfect time.


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