Sunday, May 19, 2013

Monk Quarry Campout

DSCN3075Big thank you to Smokey for hooking me up with some input on where the Monk Quarry was. A little hidden gem that I had been pedaling all around but never stumbled upon. ShitPee came down from Scituate to do some adventuring. He showed up at the trails with his gear, to spend some time in the woods. He told me he was camping so I came home and packed up a bag and met him in the woods...
We got there just before it got dark. Enough time to build a fire pit on the egde of the cliff, and collect a bunch of fire wood.
 I felt like the fire brought us to life. As soon as I could feel it, I felt different. I love that about camp fires. DSCN3086

DSCN3090Woke up in my new Hammock. First time using it, the tag says "dont worry, Be Happy" on it. I sleep better outside. Grant looked pretty comfortable too. sleeping on a bunch of moss, 2 feet from a cliff edge. The fire was still warm in the morning, so i got it going again and sat on the egde of the Quarry. There was a solo Mallard in the little bit of water at the bottom. I remember thinking,, That Duck has got it going on.

On the hike out of the woods, we took the long way and ended up finding a hut out in the woods. It got me real excited to know that some people took the time to hike out there and build something like that. Probably was a lot of work.

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