Friday, May 24, 2013

First swim in England

A Spring Swim could somehow be used as a metaphor for life. Like an old philosopher would be saying something like " Life is like swimming in April. You know the water is going to be ice cold, but you choose not to feel it and you jump off the cliff anyway."
   We rode bikes to the swimming hole, Hiked out to the rocks, and enjoyed the view.

DSCN3120We hiked around in the woods aimlessly. Found a couple of trees growing into one tree. Found a really unique solo camp spot, that I plan on hitting up really soon. Saw an awesome reflection of the sky off of the water, Saw a bunch of Nature.


And sitting on the water edge was too tempting and we decided to take the first plunge of the year. The cold water knocked all the wind out of your lungs as soon as you hit. It felt real good.

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