Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring time, time.

 I've been excited to get home and do some of the stuff I enjoy doing in the North East during the spring. The first day my friend Cricket had off from work, we set off on a day trip to ride some bikes and see some sites. We drove to Tiverton Rhode Island and got a little session on their new park.



Then it was off to the dukes. We didn't know where it was or whats we were in store for. We just rolled in un announced and they were there with open arms. We had such a damn good time.

Thoughts of Nick Ferreira quarter pipe

The Baby Duke

We rode their little back yard compound for a few hours. I always knew picket was a champion. his shadow looks like the dude on the top of a trophy...    Wu-TAAAAANG

and that was just the beginning...

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