Thursday, May 16, 2013

Monastery Mountain Biking

Cumberland Rhode Island has an old Monastery from the early 1900's. Now its just some walking trails in the woods but, I had always heard about an old Monk quarry somewhere in the woods, that the Monk's mined all their stone from to build the Church and other buildings that were on the grounds during it's years.
  Vic got a new Mountain bike and let me borrow it to ride around the Monastery in search of the hidden Monk quarry.

I pedaled for a few hours, all over the place, and couldn't find that thing.
But I did find some graffiti on some rocks in the middle of no where, at a different, active, quarry on the backside of the woods.  someone hiked into the woods with cans of spray paint to write "Whitney Houston Cocaine" on a rock.. Awesome.


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