Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I woke up with a text on my phone that Tito sent me at 4 in the morning that said " meet me out at the trails whenever, i just got to town".  We went over to see what was up and tito had slept out there through the rain. he just draped a tarp over a few branches and fell asleep..

Didn't look like he had a tough time sleeping. Tito always sleeps with his eyes open a little bit, its creepy he looked dead.

And then we went to the rhode island bike fest. It started raining 10 minutes after we got there, and Tito just kept jumping the spine in the rain.  me taking a picture of him from the shelter of an awning..   so wet his hand blew off??

Tito Experiences are always consistent. He's just genuinely stoked to be doing anything, so its always going to be a good time.

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