Monday, May 13, 2013

Fishing with The Duke.

While we rode, The Duke dialed in some fishing poles and loaded them up into his gator. We took a cruise down to his secret spot for some end of the day fishing.

When he had 9 fishing poles for the 3 of us, I knew we were fishing with a true fisherman. I enjoyed fishing as a kid, but just recently started fishing again. It was nice to go with someone that has been doing it as long as he has, It got me stoked.DSCN3038
Chris and I had a bet going on, The person who caught the biggest fish got an omelet. I won so now Chris has to make me some breakfast..

We fished around the whole lake for a few hours, hitting all different types of spots with different types of bait. I had never done any fishing like that and the Duke was probably the best fishing guide we could have asked for. DSCN3034

Thanks again to the Duke and his whole family for being so kind. From pitchers of ice water while we rode, a full blown fishing grand tour, to pizzas before we hit the road. you guys were a breath of fresh air.

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