Monday, April 29, 2013



My friend Dylan has been spending his winters on a farm in western North Carolina up in the mountains. About 30 miles northwest of Asheville. He had sent me a letter in the mail a few months ago with the name of the town and a phone number to reach the farm. He had already headed back North to his summer spot in Northern Maine, but told us that if we were passing through we should call his friends and check out the farm. So thats what we did.
We drove to the small town of Marshall, NC. We went into a little old church that had been converted into a bar/general store and told the few people in there our plan. Sure enough they knew Dylan and all of his friends and within an hour Matt was there to guide us to their amazing estate.

We got in just before dark and were greeted with open arms. I knew any friends of Dylan's would be good people. And what a beautiful place they have.

One of my favorite stops of the Journey North. We played music all night by a fire with guitars and banjo's, bongos and harmonica's, Saw's and ukulele and anything else that could make a sound. Thanks again for the hospitality. Got me so stoked.

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