Thursday, April 25, 2013


My friends Benk and Jake jumped in the bus with me for a little road trip East and then North. We left late at night and drove towards New Orleans. Jake's friend Lauren had told him about a skatepark project that she worked on in the deep south  in a town called Bayou Vista. The place was called the swamp and was painted to look like a swamp and had turtle shells for rollers and an Aligator head in the middle of the park.

That place was in one of the stranger towns I have been in. The local kids were constantly asking us for money and when school got out the park was crammed to the gills with kids on scooters. They had a sno-cone stand across the street and they didn't understand what i meant when i asked for m&m's as a topping on my ice cream.

I also met this cool Juggalo that had this awesome RASTA hatchet man tattoo....

he told me a story about having a competition with his mom to see who could have sex the loudest. I also saw him smoking pot out of a crushed up bob marley energy drink can...

once we left the Bayou, we headed to New Orleans to see what we could get into....

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