Friday, April 26, 2013

And Down

Got to New Orleans just before dark. Got lost for a bit and found our way to the garden district side of town. We found a place to get some cheese burgers and hung out with a cool dog on a picnic table for a while.
Found a nice place next to a little park on the side of the road  to pull over for the night. played some soccer for a bit and met some people that lived across the street. One guy thought we were poor and at rock bottom because we were driving in a bus. He tried to give us his table scraps and found humorous ways to talk down on us throughout the night. We were really getting a kick out of it.

Ended up at a cool bar right by where we were parked called " The Saint". They had some karaoke going on and a picture of Jesus on the wall with a fake mustache and googly eyes.
some new friends
 I was sitting by the door with Jake and a babe grabbed me and made out with me on her way out. That was pretty cool.

New Orleans was a success.

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