Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A weekend on the 40 (part two)


I can never get enough of watching people ride BMX bikes like BMX bikes. Going fast, jumping stuff, and not giving a shit. HER-NAN-DEZZ is a prime example. Just trying to ride some BICYCLE MOTOCROSS with his friends. I can't help but throwing up the fist and yelling "YEEW"  when i see people getting rad on their bikes.

Rode jumps all weekend with friends on the other side of the country. New spots, new friends, same good times. Everyone got awesome. Jackson is still nursing a bad ankle so he didn't take a ton of runs. But, he took a few photos of us enjoying the blue skies and blue grooves.

Otis was shredding.

Gary Ellis influenced whips. 

Good times influenced fist pumps.

Dustin rides like Groundchuck. Dustin rides BMX

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