Monday, February 6, 2012

A weekend on the 40 (part one)

The Freedom 40. 40 acres of heaven. We spent the weekend there, riding bikes and sleeping and cooking by fire. Had a really good time riding mountain bikes. Jackson referred to Santa Cruz as the Austin of mountain biking. The 40 had a bunch of awesome mountain bike trails, littered with berms and jumps and bridges. My camera died but Jackson took some snap shots for your viewing pleasure.


Professor  HER-NAN-DEZZ

The campout was the cats flaps. The grill was loaded with food for 2 days straight. Ate 4 meals over the fire, and we ate like kings. At one point, we were cooking pizza on the grill. compliments of the Murph himself.

I can never get enough fire food. I wish I cooked every meal over a fire. Swaths for days by HER-NAN-DEZZ. Zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and more, all wrapped up in tin foil and tossed on the fire for a few hours. Magically delicious.

Woke up to perfect weather and perfect jumps. We were taking runs before 8AM.

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